About Me

My Background


Annamarie is a native West Virginian who has made Colorado her home for over 40 years. She is an award-winning artist living in Genesee. Annamarie’s work can be seen in shows around Colorado. She is the President of the Evergreen Artists Association and is collected nationally.


As a lifelong creator Annamarie has always had her head in the clouds while she walked in nature, being guided by a force beyond herself. Abstract art became her way of expressing nature through the light and beauty she saw and felt everywhere. Annamarie approaches her canvases with intuitive marks and gestures full of life, light, energy and color as she dreams of visiting the realms Beyond Worlds. Annamarie hopes that the audience feels the touch of light and energy from a source beyond our daily lives when viewing her paintings. Her goal is to wash away the dust of mundane existence and reveal the rich depth of meaning that shines through our lives when we pause for a moment and reach for something beyond the present world.

My Medium


I use many different mediums, such as

Acrylics, Cold Wax, Oil, Sumi, Oil pastels, Alcohol Ink, Encaustic, Mixed Media, etc...I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style.

My Inspiration | Artist Statement


Painting expresses what I am feeling, seeing and hearing all around me. Nature has always been the inspiration for my work: cloudscapes, ocean scenes, wind-swept hillsides and glorious sunsets. As a child I was always captivated by light. The way light gently touched clouds or moved gracefully over blades of grass in a field creating shadows, shapes and blending colors into something extraordinary always moved my heart. Inspired by this elusive light, my paintings reflect this ephemeral magic. 

I love to blend colors with the freshness and freedom of natural scenes, and with an abstract interpretation. Always experimenting to expand my artistic interpretation I have begun working with Sumi. Sumi is a 2000-year-old Japanese style painting where black ink is applied with a horsehair brush. It is deeply rooted in Zen Buddhism.  Taking this ancient form and infusing it with my Spirit results in an artistic style of my own. What is difficult to say in words comes through color, light, shape and movement in paint.Painting is how I speak from the soul.